Enterprise Data Storage

Fully managed enterprise data storage through a consumption-based service that includes a 100%-uptime guarantee.

Public-Cloud and Private-Cloud Storage Solutions
Choose either the benefits of enterprise data storage within your favorite (or multiple) public-cloud services or private cloud-storage in your data center of choice. Public-cloud solutions include storage within Amazon Web Services, Google’s Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

This solution includes:

  • Block Storage
  • File Storage
  • Object Storage


High Availability

  • Multi-zone high availability and disaster recovery.


  • Migrate point-in-time copies of data to a cloud or multiple clouds.

Backup to Object

  • Backup to Object Storage eliminates the need for host-based backup software.

Cloud Migration

  • A cost-effective and practical way to migrate data to a cloud or multiple clouds.


  • Use containers to run processing tasks right inside your storage.

Consumption-based (OpEx) pricing model

  • Sometimes you need more storage. Sometimes you need less. Scale up or down in minutes. Pay only for what you use. No long-term commitments.